Saturday 1888-01-07

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Cup and International Matches
FA Cup Round 5 Venue Gate Notes
NL Aston Villa 1 3 Preston North End NL Perry Barr 26,849
NL Darwen 0 3 Blackburn Rovers NL Barley BankĀ 
NL Derby Junction 1 0 Chirk NL
NL Middlesbrough 4 0 Old Foresters NL Linthorpe Road 8,000 *
NL Nottingham Forest 2 4 The Wednesday NL Gregory Ground, Lenton 8,000
NL Old Carthusians 2 0 Bootle NL Kennington Oval 2,500
NL West Bromwich Albion 4 1 Stoke NL Stoney Lane 3,000
*FA ordered replay after protest. Old Foresters scratched after refusing to travel for replay.